- Tunisia seeks 84,000 MT of milling wheat and 59,000 MT of durum for July-September shipment

- Thailand passed on their tender for 300 TMT of feed wheat for Aug-Dec shipment

- June 11 - Egypt's GASC bought 60,000 MT of Russian wheat from Louis Dreyfus at 199.49 $/t c&f (190.5 $/t fob + 8.99 $/t freight from National Navigation) for July 11-20 shipment.

GASC has bought 4.875 MMT (2.04 MMT from France, 1.2 MMT from Romania, 1.125 MMT from Russia, 345 TMT from US and 165 TMT from Ukraine) of wheat on the international market since July 1, the start of the 2014/15.

Apart from purchases on the international market, Egypt is also in the middle of its local wheat procurement season. The North African country has purchased more than 5 MMT of Egyptian wheat since mid-April, surpassing a 3.7 MMT target and setting a new goal of 5,3 MMT by the end of the season.

After this latest tender, Egypt's strategic wheat reserves will last until December 22

- EU in week ended June 5 awarded licences to import 149,713 MT of Ukrainian wheat under an annual duty-free quota. The award meant that the EU had now awarded above 927,229 MT out of a total volume of 950,000 MT available in 2015

- EU in week ended June 9 granted licences to export 478 TMT of soft wheat, bringing the total this season to 30.273 MMT vs. 27.193 MMT a year ago

- Weekly US wheat export sales data for week ended June 4 – 376,700 MT for 2015/16 (expected 200,000-400,000 MT)

- Conab cut its forecast of Brazilian 2015 wheat crop to 6.76 MMT from 7.05 MMT previously

- Morocco to keep high 75% custom duty on soft wheat imports to end of 2015 instead of just to the end of Oct. Morocco plans to harvest cereal crop at a record 11 MMT (5.5 MMT of soft wheat, 2.2 MMT of durum and 3.2 MMT of barley) due to good rains vs. 6.7 MMT last year

- Iraq plans to be a net exporter of wheat by 2017

- US weather forecaster warned the El Nino weather pattern that can cause drought in Asia and heavy rain in the Americas will likely last into 2016, longer than previously expected and potentially roiling crops and commodity prices

- Russia's Ag Min said farmers planted 13.3 MH of spring wheat through June 11, or 100.6% of the planned total planted area vs. 13.0 MH a year ago

- Kazakhstan's Ag Min said farmers planted 14.536 MH of spring cereal grains through June 12, or 99.5% of the planned total planted area vs. 14.637 MH (99.5%) a year ago