- Egypt GASC tenders for wheat for Nov shipment

- Turkey TMO seeks 200 KMT of optional origin milling wheat for Oct-Nov shipment. Tender deadline is Oct 14

- Taiwan seeks 80 KMT of US milling wheat for Nov-Dec shipment. Tender deadline is Oct 2

- Oman seeks 60 KMT of German or Russian wheat for Jan shipment. Tender deadline is Oct 3

- Ethiopia seeks 200 KMT of optional origin milling wheat for Jan shipment. Tender deadline is Oct 22

- Sept 25 - The UAE buyer purchased 120 KMT of soft wheat and 15 KMT of hard wheat for Feb-May shipment

- Sept 25 - USDA announced 120 KMT of HRW wheat sold to Nigeria for 2014/15 shipment

- Sept 25 - South Korea bought 23,600 tons of US wheat for Jan-Feb shipment

- Sept 24 - Qatar bought 40 KMT of Russian origin wheat for Nov-Dec shipment

- Greek importer bought 3 KMT of Ukrainian milling wheat at 251$/t c&f for October shipment

- Mauritius seeks 53,600 tons of optional origin wheat flour for Jan-Dec 2015 shipment. Tender deadline is Oct 29

- Kyrgyz government seeks funding from Islamic Development Bank to buy 150 KMT of wheat from Kazakhstan

- Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences estimated Australia’s 2014/15 wheat crop at 24.234 MMT

- US wheat exports should not be hurt by the second discovery of experimental Monsanto genetically modified wheat, because the wheat is not believed to be in commercial channels. The US APHIS announced Friday, Sept 26, that it was investigating the discovery of wheat plants containing an unapproved genetic alteration in Montana

- SovEcon estimated Russian Sept. grain exports at 3.5-3.7 MMT (incl. 3.2 MMT of wheat) vs. 4.6 MMT (4.2 MMT) in Aug

- Russia’s Ag Min said Russia exported 10.7 MMT of grain between July 1-Sept 27th up 26.6% from a year ago

- IKAR estimated Russia’s 2014/15 grain exports at 33.0 MMT

- Russia’s government started grain intervention purchases. Russia bought 19,555 tons of grain of Sept 30 and 6,885 tons of Oct 1. Russia’s government to buy 5.0 MMT of domestic grain this season

- IGC estimated 2014/15 global wheat output at 717 MMT (record) vs. previous estimate of 713 MMT to reflect an improved outlook in the EU and Ukraine

- CEC estimated South Africa’s 2014 wheat crop estimated at 1.79 MMT vs. previous estimate of 1.78 MMT

-  Kazakhstan's grain exports fell to 1.35 MMT between the beginning of this marketing year on July 1 and Sept 30 from 1.59 MMT in the same period a year earlier


- Sept 26 -Taiwan’s MFIG bought 60 KMT Brazilian corn from Cargill for Nov-Dec shipment

- Sept 26 - USDA announced 107,188 tons of US corn sold to Mexico: 59,309 tons for 2014/15 and 47,879 tons for 2015/16 shipment

- Sept 25 - The UAE buyer purchased 40 KMT of yellow corn for Feb-May shipment

- ADM Germany (formerly Toepfer Int) estimated EU’s 2014/15 corn crop at 70.46 MMT vs. 64.48 MMT in 2013/14. Romania’s 2014 corn crop at 10.8 MMT vs. 10.4 MMT in 2013. Italy’s 2014 corn crop at 7.9 MMT vs. 7.8 MMT in 2013. Germany’s 2014 corn crop at 4.8 MMT vs. 4.0 MMT a year ago. Hungary’s 2014 corn crop at 7.9 MMT vs. 6.6 MMT in 2013

- AGPM (French growers group) estimated France’s 2014 corn crop at a record high 17.25 MMT. Some other analysts estimated France’s 2014 corn crop at 18 MMT

- Brazil Ag Min said Brazil will buy 1-1.5 MMT of corn for public stocks

- Last week China sold 436,752 tons of corn at auctions

- IGC estimated 2014/15 global corn output at 974.0 MMT vs. previous estimate of 973.0 MMT. Production forecasts for the US, EU and Russia are raised due to good yield potential. Because of drought damage, China's crop is expected to show its first contraction in five years

- CEC estimated South Africa’s 2014 corn crop at 14.307 MMT unchanged from previous estimate


- Oct 1 - Japan bought 32.095 KMT of feed barley and 22.13 KMT of feed wheat via SBS tender

- Sept 25 - The UAE buyer purchased 30 KMT of feed barley for Feb-May shipment

- Sept 24 - Japan bought 93 KMT of feed barley via SBS tender

- EU to extend Ukraine barley quota to year-end, no extra maize, wheat. As part of a provisional trade deal with Ukraine, in April the EU opened tariff-free quotas allowing for the import by Oct. 31 of up to 950 KMT of wheat and flour (fully awarded), 400 KMT of corn (fully awarded) and 250 KMT of barley. Demand for the barley quota has been light and there remains about 230.5 KMT available


- Sept 25 - USDA announced 115 KMT of soybeans sold to China for 2014/15 shipment

- Sept 24 - South Korea bought 13,500 non-GM soybeans for Nov-Dec shipment

- AgroConsult estimated Brazil’s 2014/15 bean crop at 94.8 MMT (record)

- Brazil Ag Min estimated Brazil’s 2014/15 soybean crop at 90-96 MMT

- Abiove estimated Brazil’s 2014/15 soybean crop at 91.0 MMT up 5.4% from 2013/14 crop.  Abiove estimated Brazil’s 2014/15 soybean exports at 48.0 MMT up 3.0 MMT from 2013/14 exports.  Abiove estimated Brazil’s 2015 soybean ending stocks at 5.78 MMT vs. 3.8 MMT currently, and soybean crush at a record high 38.3 MMT vs. 36.8 MMT in 2014


- Indonesia remove crude palm oil export tax for October (9% in September)

- Surveyor SGS estimated Malaysia’s September palm oil exports at 1,494,371 tons up 16.5% from August

- Felda Global Ventures Holdings Bhd expect that Malaysia could extend duty free exports until the end of 2014 if prices of the tropical oil remain at current levels

- Thomas Mielke said сrude palm oil export prices in Indonesia could rise to 730-750 $/t in Jan-March 2015 from 680 $/t now due to a slowdown in production growth

- Ruchi Soya executive estimated India’s 2014/15 edible oil imports at 13.0 MMT (record) vs. 11.6 MMT in 2013/14, including palm oil imports at 9 MMT vs. 8.0 MMT in 2013/14, and sunflower oil imports at 1.65 MMT vs. 1.55 MMT in 2013/14


- Vietnam Farm Ministry said Vietnam exported 5.02 MMT of rice between Jan-Sept down 5.2% from a year ago

- Thai government has sold another 70 KMT of rice from the 140 KMT it planned to sell in its second tender in September. In the first tender in August, the government sold 73 KMT of rice out of 167 KMT on offer

- South Korea bought 10 KMT of US rice for Dec shipment

- Iraq rejected all offers and made no purchase in an international tender to buy at least 30 KMT of rice


-  Thomas Mielke said soyoil price in Argentina seen at 820-850 $/t in Jan-March 2015 from 775 $/t now on good demand from the biodiesel industry

- ODA estimated 2015 EU rapeseed area at 6.31 MH down 5% from 2014

- CEC estimated South Africa’s 2014 sunflower seed crop estimated at 853,325 tons unchanged from previous estimate