- Soybeans are being supported by concern the strike by Argentine crushing workers could reduce Argentina's exports of soyoil and soymeal. Argentina is the world's largest exporter of soyoil and soymeal

- Argentina's government on Wednesday cut export taxes on biodiesel retroactively for March to 5 percent from 8.9 percent in a bid to support a sector hurt by the fall in oil prices and by trade obstacles with the European Union

- ADM Germany forecasts EU's 2015 rapeseed crop will reach 21.7 MMT, down from a record 24.1 MMT in 2014, but around 4% above the five-year crop average

- ADM Germany forecasts Germany's 2015 rapeseed crop at 5.4 MMT, down from 6.2 MMT in 2014

- Strategie Grains forecasts French 2015 rapeseed crop at 5.3 MMT, down from 5.5 MMT in 2014

- Sparks Polska forecasts Poland's 2015 rapeseed crop at over 2.9 MMT, down 11% from last year, but that still would be third largest crop in history

- ADM Germany forecasts Britain's 2015 rapeseed crop at 2.3 MMT, slight down from 2.4 MMT last year

- Indonesian President Joko Widodo has signed a regulation requiring exporters to pay a levy of 50 $/mt of crude palm oil (CPO) and 30 $/mt for processed palm oil product shipments to fund biodiesel. The levy would generate $750 million a year and be implemented in the fourth week of May.

Indonesia will levy 50 $/mt of CPO shipped at a zero export tax rate. When average prices drop below 750 $/mt, it cuts the monthly tax on exports to zero. Indonesia has set the CPO export tax at zero since October 2014. The tax can rises to a maximum of 22.5%