- Apr 23 - UAE seeks 45,000 tons of hard wheat and 110,000 tons of milling wheat

- Russian wheat was offered lowest at 242.60 $/t c&f free out (ciffo) in the today's tender from Iraq's state grains board to buy at least 50,000 tons of hard wheat. The tender closed on Monday and offers must remain valid up to Thursday, April 24

- Apr 18 - Egypt GASC bought 300,000 tons of wheat for June 5-15 delivery:

  • 60 KMT of French wheat from Glencore at 219.5 $/t c&f (206 $/t fob + 13.5 $/t freight)
  • 60 KMT of French wheat from Soufflet at 223.59 $/t c&f (208.44 $/t fob + 12.65 $/t freight+ 2.5 $/t for shipment from two ports)
  • 60 KMT of French wheat from Cargill at 221.15 $/t c&f (208.5 $/t fob + 12.65 $/t freight)
  • 60 KMT of Russian wheat from Cargill at 222.14 $/t c&f (212.5 $/t fob + 9.64 $/t freight)
  • 60 KMT of Romanian wheat from Nidera at 223.09 $/t c&f (213.99 $/t fob + 9.1 $/t freight)

GASC has bought 4.455 MMT (2.04 MMT from France, 1.08 MMT from Romania, 825 KMT from Russia, 345 KMT from US and 165 KMT from Ukraine) of wheat on the international market since July 1, the start of the 2014/15

Egypt's stock of wheat for its subsidised bread programme is enough to last until the end of May

- Bangladesh last week bought 50,000 tons of French wheat from Phoenix Commodities at 243.69 $/t cif liner out for shipment by June 2015

- Russia's Ag Min raised its forecast of Russia's 2014/15 grain exports to 30 MMT from the previous forecast of 28.5 MMT

- Russia's Ag Ministry has formally proposed the cancellation of wheat export tax by July 1, but these could change as the crop progresses

- Russia's Ag Min said farmers planted 2.6 MH of spring grains through April 20, or 8.5% of the planned total planted area vs. 2.9 MH a year ago

- Pakistan may miss wheat production target of 26.3 MMT fixed by the government for 2014/15, as secretary Ministry of National Food Security and Research on Friday said that country may produce 25.7 MMT, as the recent rains caused damages to the wheat crops

- FranceAgriMer said 92% of France's soft wheat crops were in good to excellent condition as of Apr 13 vs. 91% a week ago and vs. 75% a year ago. Crop growth was generally behind the fast pace observed last year but above the average of recent years