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    Corn, Meal, Sunflowerseed, Oil, Rapeseed, Oilseed, Sunflowerseed, Oil, Sunflowerseed, Oil, Sunflowerseed crude, Wheat, Wheat Flour

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    Eurasia Intercontinental Trading Pte. Ltd.

  • About

    Eurasia Intercontinental Trading is a newly established international trading company that specializes in exporting products out of Ukraine and Russia to the rest of the world. We take advantage of Ukraine’s low stage economic cycle, where the currency devaluation stands at over 350% since 2014 and the fact that the WBG has supported the Ukrainian budget with more that 4 billion dollars of programmatic loans that force the country to implement several reforms aimed at prosecuting corruption and improving the productivity and quality of products for the entry into the EU and Asian markets. These factors have resulted in abundant untapped resources, at a reduced price, which together with the devaluation, and reform allows our company to make very competitive acquisitions in competitively priced products while being able to ensure a vast range of products, which are of high quality. As the security in the payments to these regions are usually a great concern for local business owners, all orders and payments are done through our brokerage to ensure a peace of mind for the end buyer. We have confidence in our partners to fulfill any requirements as we utilize our personal network of suppliers, manufacturers, local businesses, governments and other organizations to address the complex challenges of trading on a worldwide scale.
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