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    Russian Federation

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  • Commodities

    Feed Wheat, Oilseed, Rapeseed, Oilseed, Soybean, Peas

  • Company

    Grain Sib

  • About

    Dear Sirs! "Ganar SIB" is a Russian export company, which successfully supply highest quality grain and oilseeds, grown in Siberia and Russian Far East. The company conducts foreign economic activities in the field of agricultural supplies, obtaining reliable partners, exporting the products to the countries of South-West and South Asia. The primary mission of the company is to deliver the highest quality products in the shortest possible time frames. Having long-term and well-established relations with Russian Railways, Maersk sealines, CMA CGM, HMM, Sinokor and seaports of the Far East of Russia, our company ships crops to any port using both container and bulk carriers. We pay close attention to the quality and safety of the products, cooperating only with trusted suppliers. We offer the following crops: - Peas; - Wheat; - Rapeseed; - Flax seeds; - Soybeans; - Corn; - Lentils A guaranteed volume of supply for each crop is up to 10,000 tons per month. The company is always open to cooperation with foreign partners. Do not hesitate to contact with us on any questions, please! Best regards, “Ganar SIB” team ======================== MP for English: +7 9142044255 MP for Russian: +7 9025160118 E-mail: grainsib@gmail.com Russia, Novosibirsk.

Trading Offers

CommodityCountryItermsPortQuantity, mtMonthSell Price/BasisC-cyModified
PeasRussian FederationCFRPakistan1,000LH Aug18235.00USD
FeedDinner 2019