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    Crude Oil Brent, Husk, Sunflowerseed, Meal, Copra, Meal, Corn Gluten Feed, Meal, Sunflowerseed, Oil, Peanut, Oil, Rapeseed, Oilseed, Soybean, Oil, Sunflowerseed crude, Peas, Rice, All, Sugar, Cane, Wheat, Durum

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    Ital-Bras. S.r.l.

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    “Ital-Bras” is a brokerage company established in 1980, working with all the agricultural exporters around the world and always selecting suppliers and buyers carefully in order to minimize bad surprises with supplies and payments of the acquired goods, the headquarter is in Milan, and we have branches in San Paolo & Shanghai. The main items we deal with are cereals, like cereals for milling and for feeding purposes, in bulk vessels FOB / CIF or in containers, as well as crude vegoils in bulk vessels to Italy / Spain from Ukraine and in flexi worldwide. We are also active in the Italian imports of oilseeds currently arriving mainly from Russia & Ukraine. In view of this we regularly handle contracts of edible oils, seeds, and oilseeds meal. As well we are dealing with pulses, frozen berries / dried goji & mushrooms and all types of nuts, both conventional and organic, with bio-certification.

Trading Offers

CommodityCountryItermsPortQuantity, mtMonthBuy Price/BasisSell Price/BasisC-cyRemarksModified
BarleyRussian FederationFOBSemikarakorsk3,000FH Aug17110.00USD62/14/2
BarleyRussian FederationFOBVoskresenskoe3,000LH Sep17131.00USDstandard feeding quality
BarleyRussian FederationFOBAstrakhan5,000LH Sep17150.00USD62/14/2
BarleyRussian FederationFOBVerkhnepodpolniy (Starocherkassk)3,000Sep17140.00USDBarley. M-max 14; FM-max 2; TW-min 65.
BarleyRussian FederationFOBVerkhnepodpolniy (Starocherkassk)3,000Sep17139.00USDM-max 14; FM-max 2; TW-min 65.
BarleyRussian FederationCIFAmirabad3,000Sep17185.00USD62/14/2
BarleyRussian FederationFOBDukhovnitskoe9,000Sep17121.00USDstandard feed quality
CornRussian FederationFOBAstrakhan'30,000Sep17155.00USD14/5/5/2; up tp 30 kt, partial shipments allowed
MilletRussian FederationCFRJebel Ali100Sep17310.00USDWhite millet seeds, GMO free, suitable for cous-cous production, 4*20’DC, FM 1% max, moist. 13% max.
PeasRussian FederationFOBVerkhnepodpolniy (Starocherkassk)3,000Sep17195.00USDWhole yellow peas M-max 14; FM-max 2; b\s max 6.
Sugar, BeetRussian FederationCIFBandirma3,000Sep17162.00USD
WheatHungaryDAPMiddle Italy1,000Sep17220.00EUR13% min, delivered by trucks
WheatHungaryDAPMiddle Italy1,000Sep17200.00EUR13% protein min, delivered by truck, no railway wagons
WheatRussian FederationFOBAzov3,000LH Sep17195.00USDMW Protein min. 14, 5 % (dry matter basis Nx5,7) Test weight min. 78 kg/hl Moisture max. 14,0 % Wet gluten min. 30 % (ISO-1) Falling number min. 300 sec (as per Hagberg method) Foreign matter: max. 1,5% Bug damaged max. 1,5% W min 280
WheatRussian FederationFOBAzov3,000Sep17162.00USDMW 13,0% pro min; M-max 14; FM-max 2; Gl-min 28; TW-min 79; FN-min 300; W-min 270; Bd-max 1,5.
Wheat 10.5%Russian FederationFOBAzov3,000Sep17128.00USDMW 10,5% pro min; M-max 14; FM-max 2; TW-min 78, FN-min 250; Bd-max 1,5.
Wheat 11.5%Russian FederationFOBVerkhnepodpolniy (Starocherkassk)5,000Sep17138.00USDM-max 14; FM-max 2; Gl-min 24; TW-min 78; FN-min 250; W-min 180; Bd-max 1,5.
Wheat 12.5%Russian FederationFOBVerkhnepodpolniy (Starocherkassk)5,000Sep17150.00USDM-max 14; FM-max 2; Gl-min 26; TW-min 78; FN-min 300; W-min 240; Bd-max 1,5.
Wheat - DurumRussian FederationFOBAzov5,000LH Sep17230.00USDRussian Durum Wheat, crop 2017. Test weight: min. 78 Hg/hl (as per ISO method) moisture: max. 14% foreign matter: max. 2% protein: min12% (dry matter basis Nx5,7) falling number: min. 280 sec, BG 1%, Vitreo 60 (ICC129)
Wheat, DurumKazakhstan, Republic ofCIFBari5,000Sep17267.00288.00USDPhosphine fumigated. Vitreo 85 min FM 2% GA 5% broken 4% TW 78 min 15,5% pro min Gl 28 min Moist. 14% max
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