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    Barley, Corn, Mixed Grain, Peas, Rice, All, Sugar, Beet, Sugar, Cane, Wheat

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    MAJOR SHIPPING AND TRADING CO.LTD. has got 3 main functions in the service industry. 1- COMMODITY TRADES: Has been providing global trading services in accordance with the clients’ requirements especially on 3 basic segments that are products, services and markets. Actual kinds of goods that it is dealing on which has been covering by this function are as the followings but not limited only with those. *DRY FOODS : Major Shipping and Trading Co. provides many kinds of products in agricultural foods such like pulses, grains, cereals, fruits and nuts in accordance with the demands of its clients both in and out of Turkey. Other kinds of goods that it is deals in between direct producers and the buyers are some of MINING MINERALS and some of CONTSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS. 2- CHARTERING ACTIVITIES Chartering activities relates to the worldwide conventional cargo ships. Within 20 years of experience, company has got reputable skill on chartering operations of dry, drybulk, mpp, container and roro cargo ships upto handysize. Major Shipping acts to his clients as both shipbroker and chartering operator accordingly. Actually, the following 3 segments are the basic content headers of this function. *DRY AND BULK *HEAVY-LIFT CARGOES *RO/RO 3- FREIGHT FORWARDING SERVICES In respect to the 20 years of experience, the service spectrum what has been commenced through Chartering and Brokering, has been continuing on operations of the pre-carriages and port handlings, organisations of the seaway container transports, international roadway transports, researching of the products-markets for targeting and supplying of the commodities. The main activity groups of its forwarding services are OCEAN FREIGHTS by sea CONTAINERS and ROADWAY TRANSPORTS by vehicles. As a summary of its main concept; Major Shipping has been leaded its clients to let them have achievements on international trade who had never been any experience of the exporting on their goods as before. Market researchements, supporting to sales-marketing activities and logistics organisations are the main functions of Major Shipping that is being after the sales as necessary on behalf of those clients. Some of its clients has been increased their product spectrum due to innovation progresses via the Major Shipping advisories.
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