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- Mar 8 - Argentina registered 201,370 MT of wheat for export

- Russia expects to restore wheat deliveries to Iran amounting to 1.5 MMT per year

- Weekly US wheat export sales data for week ended Mar 1 totalled 428,400 MT, incl. 391,500 MT for 2017/18 (within trade expectations of 200-500 TMT). Export commitments for 2017/18 are running 12% behind of year-ago

- EU in week ended Mar 2 awarded licenses to import 74,555 MT of reduced-tariff wheat imports of various origins under quotas

- Coceral forecasts EU-28’s 2018 soft wheat crop at 140.527 MMT, down from 141.547 MMT in 2017

- FranceAgriMer said 81% of France’s soft wheat crops were in good to excellent condition as of Mar 4, down from 83% week prior and down vs. 92% a year ago; durum rating at 75% in good to excellent vs. 77% a week-ago and vs. 81% a year-ago

- France exported 747 TMT of soft wheat outside the EU in January (incl. 315 TMT to Algeria), with Jul-Jan 2017/18 France's soft wheat shipments outside the EU at 4.3 MMT, up 54% on the year-earlier period. Soft wheat shipments to other EU countries totalled 4.66 MMT by the end of January, up 65% from a year earlier. Total French soft wheat exports so far this season were up 60% at 8.96 MMT (5.61 MMT in Jul-Jan 2016/17)

- Conab maintains its forecast for 2018 wheat production at 4.657 MMT compared to 4.264 MMT last year. They forecast wheat imports this year at 6.8 MMT, unchanged from 2017

- USDA raised 2017/18 global wheat production forecast by 0.5 MMT to 758.8 MMT based on larger crops in Kazakhstan. Global trade is forecast up from last month. Imports are forecast up for Turkey, Kenya, Bangladesh, and Vietnam, more than offsetting cuts for India and South Korea. Higher exports for Russia, Argentina, Pakistan, and Ukraine more than offset lower forecasts for the EU and the US

- USDA raised global wheat carryover for 2017/18 to a record 268.89 MMT, up by 2.79 MMT from Feb estimate and above the range of trade estimates (265.63 MMT– avg. pre-report expectation, 263-267.5 – range)

- Japan will sell imported wheat to domestic millers at an average price of 54,370 yen/mt (513 $/mt) in April-September, up 3.5% from the previous six-month period (52,510 yen/mt in October-March), reflecting a higher wheat prices in its main suppliers, higher shipping rates and a weaker yen


- Mar 9 - USDA announced export sales of 388,000 MT of US soybeans for delivery during 2017/18:

  • 183,000 MT to China;
  • 205,000 MT to unknown destinations

- Weekly US soybeans export sales data for week ended Mar 1 of 2,653,400 MT, incl. 2,509,500 MT for 2017/18 (topped market expectations of 900-1400 TMT). Export commitments for 2017/18 are running 9% behind of year-ago

- Buenos Aires Grain Exchange lowered its forecast for Argentina's 2017/18 soybean crop by 2 MMT to 42 MMT, down 27% vs. 57.5 MMT in 2016/17

- Dr. Michael Cordonnier lowered his forecast of Argentina’s 2017/18 soybean crop this week by 2 MMT to 45 MMT

- Dr. Michael Cordonnier raised his forecast of Brazil’s 2017/18 soybean crop this week by 1 MMT to 114 MMT

- Conab upped its forecast of Brazil's 2017/18 soy output to 113.025 MMT from 111.559 MMT compared to a record previous crop of 114.075 MMT. Conab raised its forecast of Brazil’s soybeans export by 1.5 MMT to 67.5 MMT (68.155 MMT in 2016/17). Ending stocks are forecasted to fall to 565,400 MT from 1.922 MMT in 2016/17

- USDA cut its estimate of 2017/18 global soybean production by 6 MMT to 340.9 MMT, down 3% (or 10.5 MMT) from last year's record level. Soybean production is down in Argentina, more than offsetting higher Brazil production

- USDA lowered its forecast of 2017/18 world soybean ending stocks by 3.74 MMT to 94.4 MMT, below the average of trade estimates (95.31 MMT– avg. pre-report expectation, 93-98.1 – range) and down from 96.65 in 2016/17

- China imported 5.42 MMT of soybeans in February, the lowest monthly volume since October, 2016 and down 2.2% from the year before. China's soybean imports for January and February this year totalled 13.9 MMT, up 5.3% from the same time last year

- China's imports of all vegetable oils in February was 356,000 MT down 13% on year. China's Jan-Feb vegetable oil imports fell 3.1% on year to 926,000 MT

- Indian importers are seeking to cancel up to 100,000 MT of crude palm oil cargoes after import duty increase last week

- Coceral expects 2018 EU-28 rapeseed harvest at 22.006 MMT, slightly up from 21.909 MMT in 2017

- Coceral forecasts 2018 EU-28 sunflower crop at 8.627 MMT, down 5.3% from 9.108 MMT in 2017

- Coceral forecasts 2018 EU-28 soybean crop at 2.985 MMT, up 13.8% from 2.622 MMT in 2017

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