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- May 18 - Japan seeks 115,491 MT of food wheat for June-August shipments:

  • 20,465 MT of western white US wheat;
  • 24,600 MT of hard red winter US wheat;
  • 34,507 MT of dark northern spring US wheat;
  • 35,919 MT of Canadian western red spring wheat

- May 16 - Jordan has made no purchase in an international tender for 100,000 MT of optional-origin hard milling wheat for Oct-Nov shipment and may retender on May 23

- May 11 - Iraq’s state grains board bought 50,000 MT of Australian hard wheat from Ameropa at 271.17 $/mt c&f free out for June-July shipment

- May 16 - China sold 423,087 MT of wheat from state reserves or 14.2% of the offered amount (2,970,555 MT) at auction at average price of 2,522 RMB/mt (366 $/mt)

- May 16 - China auctioned 2,050 MT of imported 2013 wheat from state reserves, or 2.3% of the offered amount (89,547 MT), at average price of 2,512 RMB/mt (365 $/mt)

- US wheat export inspections for week, ending May 11, recorded 691,226 MT, topped market expectations (375-625 TMT). Inspections for 2016/17 are running 33.6% ahead of year-ago

- USDA estimated 51% of the US winter wheat crop good to excellent as of May 14 compared to 53% a week ago and 62% a year-ago, behind of analysts' expectations of 52% (range 51-53%)

- USDA estimated US spring wheat planting at 78% complete as of May 14, ahead of an average of trade estimates for 73% and 73% five-year average, but below than 87% last year

- Egypt has procured 1.7 MMT of wheat from farmers since the start of its local harvest in mid-April vs. about 2.89 MT during the same period last year

- Kazakh farmers planted 793,900 ha of spring cereals crops as of May 15 vs. 1.008 million ha a year ago

- Kazakhstan’s grain stocks as of May 1, 2017 accounted 9.149 MMT, including 7.722 MMT of wheat thereof 5.868 MMT of milling wheat compared to 7.636 MMT (incl. 6.593 MMT of wheat thereof 4.916 MMT of milling) a year ago

- France shipped about 901 TMT of soft wheat abroad in March, 9-th month of the 2016/17 marketing season, more than the 697 TMT exported in February. France exported 316 TMT of soft wheat outside the EU in March (incl. 153 TMT to Algeria, 52 TMT to Morocco and 47 TMT to Cuba), with Jul-Mar 2016/17 France's soft wheat shipments outside the EU at 3.357 MMT, down 60% on the year-earlier period. Total French soft wheat exports, including shipments within the EU, so far this season were down 47% at 7.214 MMT (13.726 MMT in Jul-Mar 2015/16)

- France imported 50 TMT of wheat in March, down from 65 TMT in February, including 28 TMT from Germany. French Jul-Mar 2016/17 wheat imports totalled 802 TMT, up 139% on the year-earlier period

- UK exported 71,221 MT of wheat in March, less than 83,386 MT in February and down 81% from a year-ago, including 19,168 MT to Belgium-Luxembourg and 16,494 MT to Netherlands. Cumulative exports for the season, which started on July 1, 2016, totalled 1.316 MMT, down from 1.982 MT during the same period prior season

- UK imported 168,504 MT of wheat in March, up from 136,753 MT in February and up 17.5% from a year-ago, including 35,986 MT from Canada, 34,219 MT from Latvia and 26,837 MT from France. Britain’s Jul-Mar wheat imports totalled 1.27 MMT, up from 1.176 MMT a year ago

- May 28 - Bangladesh's state grains buyer seeks 50,000 MT of white rice with shipment in 40 days after the deal is signed


- May 15 - Argentina registered 100,000 MT of corn for export

- May 15 - Argentina registered for export 8,700 MT of malting barley and 16,100 MT of malt

- Kenya will offer subsidies to maize importers to help lower the cost of maize flour which shot up due to a regional drought

- South Africa producer group Grain SA expects a surplus of 3.5 MMT of maize when this season’s harvest is complete

- US corn export inspections for week, ending May 11, reported 1,395,853 MT, above market forecasts (0.8-1.0 MMT). Inspections for 2016/17 are running 53.9% ahead of year-ago

- USDA said the US corn crop was 71% planted as of May 14, just ahead of the five-year average of 70% and above the average analyst estimate of 68%, but behind a 73% last year

- USDA estimated US sorghum planting 32% complete as of May 14, compared to 33% last year and a 35% five-year average

- Dr. Michael Cordonnier raised his estimate of Argentina’s 2016/17 corn crop this week by 2 MMT to 39 MMT (27 MMT in 2015/16)

- France exported 503 TMT of barley outside the EU in March (incl. 363 TMT to Saudi Arabia, 53 TMT to Tunisia, 37 TMT to Algeria and 35 TMT to Israel). A further 306 TMT were exported within the EU in March, bringing total French barley exports in the first nine months of the season to 3.837 MMT (incl. 1.834 MMT to non-EU), down 37% on the year-earlier period (6.117 MMT, incl. 3.935 MMT to non-EU in Jul-Mar 2015/16)

- French maize exports in Jul-Mar 2016/17, which are mostly within the EU, declined by 23% to 3.388 MT (4.379 MMT in Jul-Mar 2015/16)

- UK corn imports rose in March to 183,903 MT from 175,597 MT in February and up 62% from a year-ago, including 56,996 MT from Ukraine, 49,267 MT from Poland and 22,263 MT from France. Britain’s Jul-March corn imports totalled 1.415 MMT vs. 1.369 MMT a year ago

- UK exported 92,312 MT of barley in March, up from 64,046 MT in February and by 70% below year-ago level. Top customers included Algeria (24,997 MT), Belgium-Luxembourg (16,459 MT) and Netherlands (15,583 MT). Cumulative barley exports for 2016/17 totalled 889,975 MT compared to 1.553 MMT in Jul-Mar 2015/16

- Indian government has lifted stock limits on pulses as prices fell below that set by the government due to record production. India is estimated to have produced 22.4 MMT of pulses in 2016/17, up 37% from a year ago


- May 16 - USDA announced export sales of 132,000 MT of US soybeans for delivery to unknown destinations during 2016/17

- May 15 - Argentina registered 8,180 MT of soymeal for export

- US soybean export inspections for week, ending May 11, reported 281,465 MT, below market expectations that ranged from 300 to 450 TMT. Inspections for the 2016/17 marketing year are running 15.8% ahead of year-ago

- USDA said US soybean planting was 32% complete as of May 14, matching the five-year average and above the average expectation of 28% (24-34% range), but lagging compared to the 34% last-year score

- NOPA said its members crushed 139.134 million bushels of soybeans during April, less than expected (145.739 million bu – avg., 141.118-150 mln bu – range) and lower than a year earlier. NOPA processors crashed 153.060 mln bu in March and 147.614 mln bu a year ago. Soyoil stocks fell to 1.725 billion lbs as of April 30 from 1.815 a month earlier, below the average expectations of 1.777 billion lbs and vs. last year’s level of 1.943 billion lbs. Soymeal exports fell to 595,468 tons from 1.057 million tons in March and vs. 769,035 tons a year-ago

- Dr. Michael Cordonnier raised his estimate of Argentina’s 2016/17 soybean crop this week by 1.5 MMT to 56.5 MMT (56 MMT in 2015/16)

- Abiove raised its forecasts of Brazil's 2017 soybean crop from 110.7 to 112.5 MMT and exports from 60.3 to 61.7 MMT

- Surveyor SGS estimated Malaysia's May 1-15 palm oil exports at 613,465 MT up 7.1% from a month ago

- India imported 1.339 MMT of veg oils (edible & non-edible) in April vs. 1.11 MMT in March, up 7% from 1.249 MMT a year ago

- India imported 6.994 MMT of edible veg oils in Nov-Apr 2016/17 vs. 7.506 MMT in Nov-Apr 2015/16

- India imported 511,139 MT of crude palm oil in April vs. 454,213 MT in Mar and vs. 398,606 MT a year ago. India's Nov-Apr 2016/17 crude palm oil imports at 2.902 MMT vs. 2.96 MMT a year ago

- India imported 232,243 MT of RBD palmolein in April vs. 219,270 MT in Mar and vs. 325,902 MT a year ago. India's Nov-Apr 2016/17 RBD palmolein imports at 1.368 MMT vs. 1.326 MT a year ago

- India imported 304,942 MT of soybean oil in April vs. 229,853 MT in Mar and vs. 348,195 MT a year ago. India's Nov-Apr 2016/17 soybean oil imports at 1.35 MMT vs. 2.241 MMT a year ago

- India imported 234,516 MT of sunflower oil in April vs. 177,368 MT in Mar and vs. 100,750 MT a year ago. India's Nov-Apr 2016/17 sunflower oil imports at 1.18 MMT vs. 771,088 MT a year ago

- India imported 31,924 MT of rapeseed oil in April vs. 51,087 MT a year ago

- India's stock of edible oils at various ports and in pipelines as of May 1, 2017 increased to over 2.12 MMT from 1.913 MMT a month ago, but below last year's 2.44 MMT. India's monthly requirement is about 1.65 MMT