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  • AgroChart – your independent expert for grains and oilseeds markets.

    With us, at the click of a button you can:

    •  Analyze our forecasts of export supply and import demand country-by-country in our Trade Flow
    •  Compare import parities from competing origins using our C&F Price Comparison Tool
    •  Receive the most comprehensive, reliable and up-to-date news and information on the Black Sea Region
    •  Have all the latest agri-market news in our Highlights
    •  See results of latest Tenders
    •  Access the most advanced interactive analysis of USDA reports publicly available today

  • AgroChart - a vertically integrated business of price risk management, trade marketing and international trade flows.

    AgroChart.com one of the world's largest agri database, containing complete and accurate information on prices and statistics since 1970!

    Our project concentrates and analyses the flow of information from a variety of reliable sources. All the information we organize and provide in an easy and interactive form.

    Our service offers a unique opportunity to keep track on-line of current and historical futures and forward prices, spreads, price bases and crush margins. Moreover, you will be able to compare worldwide C&F prices.

    The Trade Flow section of AgroChart.com will allow you to keep track of current levels and forecasts for import demand and export supply of grains, oil crops and derivative products, both globally and separately for each country.

    AgroChart - your personal expert on the global agricultural market.

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