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AgroChart Sàrl

AgroChart is a vertically integrated business, providing trade marketing, price risk management and World trade flows.

Our IT division provides a closed cycle of creation, support and development of high-quality Internet products.

​Agroсharts - the best global agri information hub

AgroChart - a unique global information hub on the market of grain, oilseeds and their products.

We created AgroChart using the latest world leading technologies of web development and servers, which allows you to use the interactive analysis of large databases of the markets of farm products.

The site is easy to use as on widescreen monitors, either on tablets.

Here you will find the maximum operational and useful information for your business success: forecasts, prices, statistics, and news.

The Agroсharts database contains information on prices and statistics since 1970. For example, you can see how USDA is changing its forecasts in the dynamic during the last 12 months, analyze historical price spreads, basis and crush margin, compare C&F prices, and monitor weekly US and EU exports, crop forecasts and crop calendar, futures quotes on 14 exchanges for 55 agri commodities.

In addition, you can check the main producers, exporters and importers of cereals, oilseeds and their produce from the Black Sea region, which facilitates the possibility of finding new business partners.

In the section Trade Flow you can monitor the current level and forecast of supply and demand globally and for each country separately on cereals (wheat, barley, corn, sorghum), oilseeds (soybean, repeseed, sunflowerseed) and products (vegetable oils and meals).

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We are constantly working to improve our product, functionality and database.


Demo is an exact copy of the original with limited data of past periods.

We wish you a successful review and hope to see you among our subscribers.

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How to Embed Futures and USDA?

Make your website more modern and useful for users by embedding our interactive charts and tables on futures quotes and interactive analysis of USDA reports on grains and oilseeds.

By embedding our widgets (for free), you give your visitors the possibility to use our database, being the world's largest for agricultural markets.

Actual information is available here: Futures, agrochart Grains or agrochart Oilseeds

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AgroChart Sàrl


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